My Mission

Software Engineering at its finest is robust, clean, and creates a seemless connection between the user's intent and a program's output. It's my strongest desire to excel in all three areas of the craft, and to do so with the highest integrity and security possible.


Autonomous trading bot for cryptocurrencies on the GDAX Exchange.

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ABOUT William Funk

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MY Work Experience

Software Engineer II

Azure Cloud Computing.

Using HTML5 / LESS / Typescript / KnockoutJS / .NET / QUnit

July 2019 - Present
One Microsoft Way
Seattle, WA 98121

Software Engineer II

Create new, and improve existing, features. Seek out, identify, and resolve bugs. Provide input on design, best practices, and architecture.

Using HTML / CSS / Javascript / AngularJS / Angular 2+ / Java / Spring / Triple-Store / Ontology

February 2017 - June 2019
Modus Operandi
709 S Harbor City Blvd
Melbourne, FL 32901

New Media Programmer

Developing educational widgets in

HTML / CSS / Javascript / JQuery / Angular.js / React.js / PHP / AJAX / SQL

May 2015 - February 2017
Center for Distributed Learning
University of Central Florida
12701 Pegasus Drive
Orlando, FL 32816


Front-End Developer

Developing applications in a variety of technologies.

HTML / CSS / Javascript / C# / .NET / Unity

July 2010 - December 2016
Toronto, Ontario, Canada + Orlando, Florida, USA

Fiction Author

Wrote several professionally published short stories appearing in anthologies.

"The Black Watch"
"Shifted Suspicions"
"Speak English" & "Pest Control"

Law Enforcement Officer

Performance under a rigorous set of rules.

UCF Police Department
3610 Libra Drive
Orlando, FL 32816

MY Contact

contact [at] WilliamRADFunk [dot] com